Getting Answers :: FAQ


What is a Learning Management System?

  • A learning management system, commonly known as LMS, is a system used to manage and track learning and training materials. Our LMS allows companies to select training, set schedules, upload custom documents and retrieve test data using a wide variety of reporting functions.


Can I customize the site for my company's needs?

  • Yes, we provide flexibility and freedom to the Administrators for the company's specific and unique needs. Your company can upload specific procedures, policies and documents to personalize our site into your company's training network.


Are the topics OSHA compliant?

  • Yes, each training topic follows the required standard for the academic portion of the applicable regulation. However, this can go beyond OSHA and may require compliance with additional governing agencies such as the EPA, JCAHO and DOT. Also, several required standards have specific practical (hands-on) training requirements that would need to be supplemental to Training topics should be selected based on the hazards and requirements present at your particular location. 


Is any software required?

  • The only application a user needs to access is a current Internet browser (we recommend the latest version of Internet Explorer). Our topics utilize Macromedia Flash Player which is standard on most modern browsers. If you currently do not have this program on your computer you can click on the above link to download it for free.


When are new and updated courses available?

  • Safety Matters Inc. strives to continuously develop new topics that fit the needs of our clients. Our goal is to expand our topics monthly. Our clients who purchase the entire library will automatically have access to the new topics at no additional cost. Also, as regulations change we automatically update the course content to comply with the new regulations.


Is the training documented?

  • Yes, each time an employee completes a training program the subsequent test data is saved to a secure database. All topics completed, test scores, questions answered, date, time and other pertinent data are recorded for access by an administrator at any time.


How easy is it for a company administrator to learn the system?

  • We have developed our LMS with the ease of use as a primary objective. The site is simple to navigate and includes an online help section which details the site functions and features. ESafetyOnline customer service is available by phone or email to assist with any additional questions.

Is the training system truly web-based?

  • Yes, is 100% web-based training. Our training topics are viewed and tested online and administrators have access to all company records (24/7) through access to our Learning Management System (LMS) from any Internet workstation.

Can I conduct group training sessions?

  • Yes, this system is setup so that the administrator can run group training sessions online and have documentation and testing capabilities with little additional effort.