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The WebnetTraining Philosphy

Education and training of your organization's employees is necessary to provide a strong work force knowledge base. As each person becomes more knowledgeable about their job, potential hazards, issues and solutions their individual growth fuels the overall growth of the organization. In addition, we believe all injuries are preventable. A significant part of a proactive approach to injury and illness prevention is to properly educate employees through high quality and informative safety and health training systems.


Also, we believe compliance with the Federal and State Rules and Regulations are the foundation of an effective environmental, safety and health (EHS) program. Meeting compliance with the numerous employee EHS training requirements must be completed and documented in a manner that meets the "spirit" and intent of the law.


Who is WebnetTraining?

We are a company of environmental, health and safety professionals with extensive educational and real-world experience. Our business was established in 1995 to provide quality training and other EHS consulting services to industries and organizations in areas such as Pulp and Paper, Automotive, Chemical, Construction, Furniture, Food, Health Care, Muncipal and others. Our wealth of experience represents over 35 years in environmental, safety and health training and management.


What is our focus?

At WebnetTraining we focus our efforts on the development and delivery of effective training programs that communicate necessary compliance information as well as the current best practices. This has been done in a quality and efficient manner in order to motivate employees and promote lasting understanding.

We believe that safety and health training must be accompanied by testing for understanding, in order to properly document compliance to meet the intent of the applicable regulations. Our Learning Management System is designed specifically with this principle in mind. Our test questions are designed to be simple and straight-forward in order to ensure understanding of the topics. The bottom line is that WebnetTraining is easy and efficient to use and at the same time provides a secure documentation method that proves compliance now and in the future.